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Photos of Friends of Ohm dog, wearing products with Ohm's image

The photos sent in by our friends are framed by the flags from the countries of people who have visited ohmdog.com! Ohm's mission of peace and happiness sure does travel while making friends of all kinds.

Send your photos with Ohm to philip@ohmdog.com, if you would like to be included here :)

Picture of a cat and a bunny getting along - ohming!

Here is a picture of our beloved bunny Kicsi (Hungarian for "little one" pronounced Keechee) and her new best friend Spica. What could be more ohmish than a friendship between a bunny and a cat?

Big juicy ohm thoughts drifting your way,

With Special Thanks to Our Friend Zev for Sharing This With Us!
Great Ohmwork Zev!

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