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Kudos to Diana Cofield for the work she does to benefit Children! - You can read about Diana's ohmwork here.

Stories of Peace! Stories of Happiness! Write to Ohmdog.com to let us know about the Ohmwork have you done or witnessed recently. This is the stuff Ohm Dog is made of! Share your stories with us and Ohm on!

Thank you Aley in Washington for this true and great story of people doing their ohmwork!

The Angels of Christmas

Christmas Eve 2007. Driving along Route I-80 through Wyoming and the Rocky Mountains. We are singing to the radio, my son and I. We are grateful for getting to Wyoming after going through ice and snow in Iowa. It was a blissful evening....and then a blizzard came upon us and in an instant, we could not see two feet ahead of ourselves.

About five miles into the blizzrd there is an exit that indicates lodging. We take the exit and notice it is 7 miles to this lodging. Driving down a dark road, we finally spy a motel, and my son got out to go to the office door. Closed. A phone number posted reveals an answerind machine only. We have no where to go.

I drove down the main street of Lyman Wyoming. It is desolate, save a van in front of the post office. A woman runs into the post office. I tell Alex I am going to ask her if there are any motels in the area. I come upon the woman and ask her. She is in her mid thirties and very pleasant. She asks her husband and he indicates it is the only one in town. She asks me who I am traveling with, and I tell her my son. She tells me to follow them, they live nearby and we can stay on their couches. I tell her "oh no" and she says..."we are a nice family" and I tell her....goodness! That is not the issue! It is Christmas Eve...and I do not want to disturb her holiday! She tells me she likes company, had only moved there recently and had a pizza she could share....somehow she convinces me to come...

Alex and I unload our pillows and blankets from the car and meet this wonderful family of with 4 children from 1-9 years old. Excited and anxious for Santa. we watched this family ready for his visit. They made us feel a part of their family...they were angels and their home a haven as in Jesus's time. The mother, whose name was "Star" was a delightful stay at home mum who loved her children and showed pride in her new home. Dad, was Daniel, a high school math teacher and the most gentle and patient father I have ever met.
After we settled in, Daniel read to the children...but actually to us all..."The Gift of the Magi" by O Henry. This brought tears to my eyes.

Strangers. Complete strangers took us into their home and gave us refuge in a storm. This gift, this total gift of love was more than anyone would expect in today's skeptical world.

Their love and kindness was a gift more precious than any could ever imagine on a Christmas Eve...in a tiny town in Wyoming....in 2007.

God bless them always.

Here is an example of kindness shared from Ohm's friend Celeste of Ft. Hood. Thanks for sharing the great story!

I remember one time when our garbage can was really full and very heavy. I was about 9 months pregnant and was struggling to get it down the drive since my husband had forgotten to put it out that morning. I remember it fell over and I thought I was going to cry. I couldn't imagine how I was going to pick it up when I could barely wheel it. The garbage man saw it happen and not only did he get out of his truck to pick it up and put it where it needed to be emptied but he wheeled it back up to the top of our driveway for me. I remember how wonderful it felt so I love to return the favor any time I can.

Ohm's friend and talented artist shared this story: - Thank You Owen. You can check out Owen's music at owenplant.com

Here's a story that just happened to me.

I was on tour in the New York City area recently and I saw someone struggling to get into my lane to pay the toll. We were about to cross into Manhattan and that happens a lot when people realize they need to be in a different lane than theirs! Anyway, I let them in. When I pulled out my money to pay the toll I heard "she paid it for you man." It made me feel so good. The $4.50 wasn't the point, although that is a significant percentage of an independent artists budget at times. It was the exchange of generosity.

Keep on ohming on!

Thank you to the kind person who shared this story!

My friend was talking about how she needed a formal dress for a wedding she was going to. She couldn't find one anywhere. I went to my closet, pulled out my very best dress and handed it to her. She tried it on right away, it fit perfectly and she looked beautiul!

With Gratitude to Mr. Bruce Alan for sharing this one-derful and inspiring story:

It was a sunny humid afternoon in mid-west America.  It was the sticky warm type of day that drives families to the ice cream store for a treat and a chance to beat the heat. The lines were long and crowded with folks of all ages; infants, toddlers, tweens and teens, moms and dads, couples, and friends just hanging out.  The ice cream store was doing a booming business.
 I was about halfway back in line waiting with my wife, Ellen, and was getting impatient with the wait in the humidity and heat. 
 I noticed a young couple with their (I’m guessing) three year old little girl who had just gotten their order and were walking back to a picnic table to enjoy their ice cream cones.  The little girl was being led by her dad, one hand in his and the other holding her cone.  All seemed to be going well when the little girl stumbled and her ice cream tumbled into the cinders.
 At first she just sniffed at her loss but soon was crying huge tears as her father tried to comfort her.
 Sitting at a table two rows down a five year old boy (I’m guessing again) was witness to her disaster.  I noticed him when he stood up, walked over to the crying three year old, and gave her his ice cream cone.
  While her face was still tear stained she smiled and said, “Thank you.”  Her tears dried up.
  Both sets of parents complemented the little boy and thanked him for his generosity.
  I think that was a gesture worthy of being called compassionate.
  But the story didn’t stop there.
  One of the employees of the ice cream store had witnessed this act of unselfishness and compassion while she was emptying the trash.
  She dropped what she was doing, dashed into the store, and in less than a couple of minutes, came back with a fresh ice cream cone for the little five year hero.
  More than a few of us noticed her actions.
  Spontaneously, several of us applauded her.
  Blushing she gave a little bow and went back to work.
  It seemed like all of us in line had in some way become connected by witnessing this tiny chain of kindness

  As I stood there, waiting in line, somehow the heat and humidity seemed less.
  I thought to myself how such a small act of kindness had started a chain of compassion that somehow had brought us all closer to one another.
  It was not the first time that I have been taught by small children to understand what love, compassion, fair play, and a dozen other lessons about what my daily walk as a human should be.
  I will look more closely for opportunities to start that chain of compassion.  And I will strive to remember what Jesus said; “Suffer the children to come unto me, and forbid them not, for such is the kingdom of heaven…” Mark 10:14

Ohm's friend Linda did her ohmwork when she was kind enough to take the time to share this with us:

Hi, I just discovered the Ohmdog.com site and love it. Nice to see and hear about such positive things going on. Too often we hear the bad news quicker than the good news!

My story:
Last fall I put out a request for people to give me yarn (leftovers, whatever) to make afghans for veterans in nursing homes. I can't work fast enough! I've made 16 lapghans and I have PILES of yarn in my basement sorted in bins by color. It just keeps on coming and I haven't had to buy one skein of yarn thanks to the generosity of kind people in New Hampshire!

Here is one from Philip's Mom:

We were at Philip's Piano recital tonight and when we opened the program we found a story about Ohm, ohmdog.com and Ohm's picture on the very last page.

Philip's piano teacher Donna M. of Hopkinton put the story about Ohm in her program as a true and unexpected act of kindness. Not only was it nice of her to do for this for Ohm, Emily and Philip, but she spread peace and happiness to her entire piano community tonight!

Keep on Ohming on Ms. M. we think you Rock, even when playing classical!

Not so bad as it can seem sometimes.

Sometimes when things seem pretty bad, they are much, much better than they seem.
This story is a great example of one of those times. My mom was watching our neighbor’s animals while they were out of town. One morning when she went to their house, one of the giant fish tanks was leaking water all over the place.

Our neighbors left the name and phone number for somebody to call, if something went wrong with the fish tank. Mom called the number and the man said it would take him an hour, but he would come to see if he could help. She was happy that help was on it’s way but she was still very upset and scared that she couldn’t fix the tank and that all of the fish would all die before the man arrived. She said it was a very bad day!

One hour after she spoke with the man, our phone rang. He was at our neighbor’s house. He told Mom that he was able to fix the fish tank and that they would all be ok. He said it was a good thing that the fish tank had a problem in the first place, because when he arrived at the neighbors an electrical problem had happened and if somebody wasn’t there at that very moment, our neighbor’s house could have ended up on fire! The man, who came to help with the fish, happened to be an electrician and knew exactly what was happening and how to fix it.

Things seemed pretty bad when Mom first discovered the leak but that was before any of us realized if it weren’t for the leaky tank, an electrician probably wouldn’t have ended up at our neighbors just in time to fix the electrical problem that might have caused a really serious fire!


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